For Sale

Winter on the Farm

Too Many Storms

Winter Wonder


Angry Sea

Happy Homestead

The Boat

Happy Roses

Misty Day


Snowy Brook


A Walk in the Woods


On The Road


Lonely Tree

Happy Cattails


Gray Day



Old Fence


Winter Joy

Happy Hibiscus

Fall Trees and Meadow



Nova Scotia Church


About John W. Heister ~ Artist

My art is traditional, primarily in watercolor and oil. The natural beauty of the world is my starting point. Whether landscapes, flowers, birds or the human body, my art works off of the intrinsic attractiveness of natural phenomena.

The artist has the marvelous opportunity to compose the painting in such a way as to enhance and enrich and focus upon a particular facet of God’s incredible creation. It is in the flaw as well as the perfection that the character of the art is realized, whether the human face or an aging building. To be effective, I feel the art must invite the viewer into an experience which pleases, stimulates, and touches the soul.

John W. Heister - artist